FontFace Problem

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FontFace Problem

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i use TextSettings.FontFace.Custom("...") to set a global font (RTF->PDF).
But since some weeks it will not work anymore with the Font "Gill Alt One MT" on many PCs (only on one is working).
If i use "Arial" or Comic Sans or other it works, but "Gill Alt One MT" get allways changed to "Calibri"
It is the same if the source rtf uses "Gill Alt One MT", after normal converting (without setting Custom), all Fonts like in RTF but "Gill Alt One MT" get changed to "Calibri"

When i use TextSettings.FontFace.Custom("a not existing Font here"); it uses "Calibri" too, reinstalling Font did not helped.

The Point ist, i did not changed the PDF Metamorphosis .Net Version, and currently on 1 PC it is working ...
I can use "Gill Alt One MT" in every other Application without problems (including PDF creation, for example with MS Word)
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Re: FontFace Problem

Post by Oliver »


I'll try to help you.

May you give me this RTF file with Gill Alt One MT font inside?

I test it with new version of the sdk and, perhaps, we can fix it.

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