excel to pdf exception

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excel to pdf exception

Post by steven »

the excel file 2021.xlsx to pdf fail.
ERROR System.IO.IOException: 格式規範無效。 ---> System.FormatException: 格式規範無效。
於 System.Number.FormatDouble(Double value, String format, NumberFormatInfo info)
於 ???.(??? , Int32 , Int32 )
於 ???.(Byte[] , Byte[]& )
於 SautinSoft.ExcelToPdf.(Byte[] , Byte[]& )
於 SautinSoft.ExcelToPdf.ConvertBytes(Byte[] excelByte)
--- 內部例外狀況堆疊追蹤的結尾 ---
於 SautinSoft.ExcelToPdf.ConvertBytes(Byte[] excelByte)

File already sent to email:t@sautinsoft.com
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Re: excel to pdf exception

Post by Oliver »

Hi. I got your excel-file.

You are right, I see the problem with this file and ExceltoPdf .Net.

In current time, we are trying to understand why it's happening and fixing this issue. Please wait and after fixing, I give you a new version of the dll.

P.S. As a temporary solution, I may offer you UseOffice.Net. This SDK can convert your file very well.
The link: https://sautinsoft.com/products/useoffice/

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