Font preservation after conversion

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Font preservation after conversion

Post by daniele_b »

I need to convert a pdf file into .docX format. The font of the text in the pdf file is "Roboto-Regular", that is correctly installed in the system where the conversion takes place but in the resulting .docX file I see that the font used is "Calibri" instead of "Roboto-Regular".
Is there a way to ensure that the fonts used in the pdf are preserved?

I can attach a sample of the pdf and the converted .docX if you need it.

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Re: Font preservation after conversion

Post by Oliver »


I opened your DOCX file and I see the Calibri font inside. It's true.

But I am not sure, that you have installed Roboto Fonts in your System.


What you need to do:

1. Download and Unpack these fonts
2. Copy it in c:\Windows\Fonts
3. Install each font
4. Reboot your PC

After, try to convert your pdf again and you get a good result with Roboto instead of Calibri.

P.S. No automatically way to check that your result has preserved fonts. But if you need, our engine can inform you about all fonts in DOCX inside.

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